I am a man that has traveled the world, been in countless relationships, marriage and divorce. Im not a counselor or a licensed therapist however, throughout my life, women have relied heavily on me to tell them the truth about men and what we really think about certain situations. Some call it a gift, some call it a blessing, but I consider it to be both. I hear women; I understand what you feel and what you may want from us men. In respect to that, it is important for women to really understand how we, as men, think. Women can rule the world to the extent of the unknown if you know how we truly think. My team and I are here to help. Here is a place where you can come to ask questions, blog, send letters about your situations and I will reply and give the mans perspective in a timely manner. Lets make your relationship work or lets give you the strength to move on from a bad situation to something that you are happy with. I am here to tell you what “HE” won’t.  So lets take this journey together. I look forward to hearing from you all.